Ordering our products

We are more than happy to process your orders. Considering we live on a small island, this comes with some challenges.

How we work: when we receive your order, we hand the ordered products over to visiting travelers who then send it by post when they arrive back in their home country.

This could be anywhere in Europe, the United States or any other continent. This way, we can keep our shipping costs low for you. Interested in our products? Please mail us at Thank you!


With the wide variation of plantation of the Island our honey is rich in taste and is 100% natural without artificial coloring and taste.

All the honey is local from our own Statia bees and 100% natural. Not supplemented with sugar.


We are using natural and organic oils and butters, what gives the soap very rich and nourishing. For a natural fragrance we are using essentials oils.

All our soap is handmade, in a big pot in our workspace in Sint Eustatius. After 24 hours, the soap is going to cut and after this it needs to cure 4 till 6 weeks before it is ready to use. This means we are making soap by the cold process method.

The soap is good for your whole body.

After the soap is cut into bars, we use the leftovers ends for sample. Each soap coms with a hand stamp with our logo. We use recycled paper to wrapped in the soap. All soaps are 4,5 OZ.

We have the following types of soap:

aloe vera charcoal coffee scrub coconut honey honey oats cinnamon moringa neem noni rosemary sea moss sea salt turmeric

Body butters

Our body butters are made from 100% natural products! We use our local beeswax and other different oils and butters. They are very rich to your skin!

Neem oil

The Island is overload with neem trees. Neem have a lot of benefits to our skin & hair.


The wines we have is jamun & tamarind. Its made in our own Cyrano winery.

Lip balm